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You can order a custom Screen Room with many options to choose from such as; a peak style roof, Insulated roofs prepared for shingles, two screen walls instead of three, screen walls only, for use with existing roofs, more then one door, screen to floor, 2" thick insulated kick plates, dog proof screen. Call 413-245-4130 or complete the form below and we will custom quote just what you need.


Address 1
Address 2
Shape of Footprint
1 Wall ft
2 Walls ft X ft
3 Walls ft X ft
Door Type
Swing type is based on what side of the door the hinges are and whether your door opens inside or outside the room.
Outswing Right
Outswing Left
Inswing Right
Inswing Right
Fasten to existing

Wood Deck
Concrete Slab

How tall is highest point of wall

8 feet or Less
More than 8 feet

Height from deck to fascia
Height from deck to awning rail
(campers only)
How many doors


What color aluminum White
What type of roof Insulated Roof (Most popular. Can be walked on.)
Pan Roof (Not insulated)
Select Porch Type Good - 2x2 stick build non-insulated pre-fab
Better - fully insulated pre-fab room

Carefully type the characters you see in the picture below.
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You can add glass or vinyl windows to any of our screen room packages to
get more use from your porch and extend your summer season in early spring or late fall.

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